This website contains Ginger Fox’s  older archived paintings 2001-2012.   For Ginger’s new work and to see what is showing in her gallery please visit  gingerfoxgallery.com or click on the gallery photo below.

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Ginger’s new work can be seen at GINGERFOXGALLERY

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GiINGERFOX.COM is the official website for contemporary Dallas artist Ginger Fox. You will find original surrealism paintings in acrylic and oil. Fox;s artwork is highly detailed realism in unlikely scenarios sometimes refered to as Magical Realism. Fox's love of nature inspires her to strive to bring awareness to the delicate balance between man and nature. Bringing man-made items into play with nature creates interesting imagery with Magical Realism or Surrealist elements. Birds in the sky with clouds are a reoccurring theme, in many of Fox's paintings she utilizes exotic and domestic birds, feathers and eggs in her paintings. Ginger Fox paintings create a feeling of optiminism and hope by using the ever present sky as the foundation for a reason to always look up for inspiration , beauty and hope.

Fox's site has a gallery page that includes artwork from 2004 to present. Within Fox's gallery page she has a "dark gallery" which includes artwork with a more traditional dark backgrond as well as "light gallery" that includes paintings that feature her skies, so be sure to look for those links. There is also a page where you can quickly view her new paintings, as well as a page that lists past artshows, galleries she is showing her paintings in, as well as news, events, and art reviews.

We hope you spend time reviewing Ginger Fox's contemporary original fine artwork and discoveri the beauty and throughtfullnes that her paintings provoke.

...painter Hanna Gluckenstein, known as “Gluck”; the British abstract sculptor Barbara Hepworth; Kay Sage, the talented and underappreciated partner of René Magritte; the Chicago still-life-with-landscape painter Susan Kraut; and the recently emergent Dallas-based painter of imaginary still-lifes Ginger Fox. Any and all of these women produce better and more interesting art than the fad-followers who crowd them out.

by Paul Varnell, Chicago


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